Dance Texture educational programmes offer a broad spectrum of services including full-time,  part-time and worldwide online studies emphasising on providing personal attention and nurturing each learner's full potential as an individual dance teacher and as a performing artist.


Dance Teacher Qualifications (I.S.T.D.)

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DDE Level 4 Qualification in Modern Theatre, Imperial Classical Ballet and Tap.

      The full DDE qualification awards 120 credits at Level 4 on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) in the UK. This                  equates to 120 credits at Level 5 of the European Qualification Framework (EQF). 


      Depending on individual experience and the chosen format of studying, the Level 4 DDE can be achieved over within a 2-3 year                   programme, either part time or as part of full time vocational training.


       It consists of 5 units which can be taken individually, although they all link to one another ensuring a depth of knowledge which                     prepares the student teachers thoroughly for the dance studio and the start of their teaching journey.

  • Unit 1: Preparing for Safe Teaching (15 credits at Level 3)

  • Unit 2: Observing, Assisting and Teaching Practice (30 credits at Level 4)

  • Unit 3: Vocational Graded Examination in Dance: Intermediate (28 credits at Level 3)

  • Unit 4: Dance Practice (30 credits at Level 4)

  • Unit 5: Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development (17 credits at Level 4)

“We believe that we are never more truly and profoundly human than when we dance.”
Jose Limon-

Higher Dance Teacher Qualifications (I.S.T.D.)

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Licentiate and Fellowship Qualifications in Modern Theatre, Imperial Classical Ballet and Tap.

      The ISTD offers highly regarded internationally recognised advanced level teaching qualifications: Licentiate and Fellowship

      These qualifications build on the skills learnt in the initial teacher training qualifications and combine these with the knowledge and              experience that come with practice as a teaching practitioner.


        This qualification builds on the skills learnt in the initial teacher training and evidences higher level syllabus knowledge and teaching              skill.

       On completion of this qualification, you can:

  • Apply for Full Membership of ISTD and eligible to enter candidates for any ISTD examinations

  • Apply to progress to the Fellowship examination, ISTD’s highest teaching qualification and eventually apply to become an ISTD examiner

  • Apply to become an Approved Tutor on the DDE programme.

  • Apply to progress onto ISTD’s regulated teaching qualifications – Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy, BA and MA degree courses offered in conjunction with Middlesex University.


       This is the highest teaching qualification offered by the ISTD, further buding on the skills and experience gained through the                         Licentiate qualification.  You are therefore expected to show a depth and breadth of technical knowledge and artistry as well as a high           standard of teaching.

       In addition to the benefits gained from Licentiate, on completion of this qualification, you can apply to train as an ISTD Examiner for             the  relevant Faculty.

Full Time Studies Core Programme

Dance Texture core training programme is delivered throughout the academic year.

The immense variety of dance disciplines, equips learners with proficient technical as well as artistic skills, focusing on developing their full individual potential.

Learners are encouraged to demonstrate inclination to work independently and commit to physical and intellectual investigation.


The schedule consists of approximately 18 hours per week of technique dance classes, lectures and individual development. 


Online Studies 


Dance Texture online programme offers a unique opportunity to cover the theoretical units of the DDE training:

  • Unit 1 Preparing for Safe teaching practice

  • Unit 2 Observing, Assisting and Teaching Practice

  • Unit 5 Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development

Our NEW programme Dance Experts Exelixis is designed to offer experienced Teachers the tools, to help their students reach their maximum potentials, to motivate, to inspire, to guide to teach safely, to keep you updated, to discuss teaching strategies, analysis of technical aspects, development of performing and quality interpretive skills.


This unique online distant educational programme is designed to be delivered through flexible individual and group zoom sessions, zoom special masterclasses, individual guidance and assessments in Greek and English.


The programme emphasises personal attention and nurtures each learner’s full potential from the comfort of their own space.