Christina Fotinaki 

Christina is an awarded winning Choreographer, FISTD and Examiner in Modern, Imperial Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Tutor and Assessor for DDE.



She studied as a full time student in Maya Sofou Professional School of Dance and graduated in  1992.

She Continued her studies worldwide taking courses in Bern, Zurich, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, on Graham, Cunningham, Hawkins, Limon, Release technique emphasising in  choreography, improvisation, musical jazz, commercial jazz, hip-hop, contemporary jazz (1993 - 2007).


She holds Qualifications from the I.S.T.D. International Organisation which brings her today one of the most important faculty in the examiners board.

She holds ISTD Fellowship in Modern and Imperial Ballet (2000),

ISTD Examiner in Modern (2005) up to Advanced 2 level, trained for DDE and Associate levels.

ISTD Examiner in Imperial Ballet (2012) up to Intermediate level,

ISTD Examiner in Contemporary (2019).

ISTD Assessor in DDE Unit 2 and Unit 5.

Member of the ISTD Theatre Modern Advanced 1 teaching team.

Member of the ISTD Modern Theatre Grades teaching team. 


Her teaching experience started upon graduation, teaching all age groups and levels.

 From 1992-1996 in Bettina Katsenou dance school  

1995-2010 Diana Theodoridou dance school 

2004-2008, 2013-2014 Mimi Denissi acting school

 2005 since today Chorologie dance school

July 2005 Bird College summer course

July 2006 RAD summer course in Athens

2007-2011 Anna Petrova dance school

September 2011 Minkoff dance academy in Stuttgart 

2010-2017 Iasmos acting school

July 2014-2016 Dance summer school Kefalonia

2014 since today Tutor, Teacher, 


She is the co-creator of Dance Texture, a full time professional training programme for dancers and dance teachers in Athens. She is also the Director in Chorologie ADC.


Her career in the performing industry is also outstanding. She was Assistant choreographer back in  2000 at the “Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat” by Gillian Gregory, in 2003 in “Victor-Victoria” by Gillian Gregory and in 2003 in “Musical nights” by Derrick Lasala.


Since 2003 up to today she is the choreographer for the biggest musical shows and theatre plays in Athens, dance group performances, as well as video clips, tv shows, tv series, cinema, music stages and music awards shows.


In 2018 she was awarded with the Imperial International Theatre Award.


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Angeliki Andrinopoulou

She was born in Athens, Greece in 1974.

She is a  graduate of Diana Theodoridou School of Dance trained in Imperial Ballet, Modern Theatre, Contemporary, Tap Dance and Flamenco, accredited by Istd and RAD. She has also a degree in physical therapy and is a licensed physiotherapist (Physical Therapy Technological Educational Institute Athens Greece).

Upon graduation for many years she studied and expanded her knowledge with world renowned dance teachers as David Zambrano (contemporary), Frank Hatchett (Jazz), Vanessa Andrada (Hip Hop/ Street styles) participating in many dance seminars all over the world including: London, Edinburgh, Vienna, Paris, New York, furthering her technical and artistic development in Contemporary Dance, Modern Jazz, Musical Theatre and Street Dance (Pineapple Studios, ImpulsTanz, Broadway Dance Centre, Steps on Broadway, Tap City).

She danced Flamenco with Natasha Deka’s dance company Ronda Al Alba (Athens, Greece), Contemporary Jazz with On Stage Dance Company (Athens, Greece) and Musical Theatre in theatrical productions including:  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Dance Captain, choreography: Gillian Gregory, Katia Dandoulaki theatre) and Victor-Victoria (choreography Gillian Gregory, Mimi Denisi Co., Athens). She is one of the resident choreographers for the Copernicus Children’s Theatre Company. She has also assisted choreographers in several theatrical productions including Fokas Evangelinos in the children’s play “O Kyklos tis Petaloudas” and group collaboration in “ EVA, the musical” as well as television commercials and animations (promotional campaign of Happy Feet).


As a choreographer she is collaborating with the professional artistic team, Kopernikos that combine singing, drama and dance. Kopernikos operates as as children’s theatrical artistic team and generally the philosophy connects with everything involves young children and the arts.


She has taught Imperial ballet, modern theatre and jazz dance at Diana Theodoridou school of dance, and Motif Dance Studio which she co-founded with Greek tap dancer and body percussionist Thanos Daskalopoulos. Motif Dance Studio was one of the first Approved Dance Centres in Athens, providing education in a professional teaching level for students in both Imperial Ballet and Modern Theatre.

She taught Modern and Jazz to children of all ages and levels at Christina Roka’s Waves Dance Studio where she held the position of Head Teacher in Modern Theatre Department. She is also regularly invited to teach Modern Contemporary seminars throughout the year all over Greece and Cyprus for children and adults. As a Jazz dance instructor she is also collaborating with Studio One in Greece and Cyprus and she is one of the main teachers of the Dance Degree.


As a licensed Modern Dance tutor and Modern Theatre Examiner she taught and worked with professional dancers, preparing them on taking their teaching qualification examinations at Anna Petrova Professional School of Dance. She continues tutoring with Christina Fotinaki in Chorologie Dance Studio, co-founder of Dance Texture: a complete educational program for professional dance teachers and also dancers who wish to become licensed ISTD dance teachers in Greece.


She is an ISTD qualified tutor for dance diploma degrees in Dance Education in Imperial Ballet and Modern Theatre as well as international examiner.

ISTD Examiner in Modern Theatre (2005) up to Advanced 2 level.

ISTD Examiner in Contemporary (2021).

ISTD Assessor in DDE Unit 5.

Lecturer in delivering of Advanced 1 ISTD Spring Course and ISTD Summer School.

 She was invited by the ISTD in 2012 to join the teaching team of the New Advanced 1 Modern Theatre Syllabus and in 2019 the Modern Theatre Grades Teaching Team, an honour which she accepted with gratitude and joy. 




Despina Triantou

Born in 1993 with Greek- Brazilian heritage.

Despina started dancing from a young age at Maria Ioanidou Dance School following the grades of I.S.T.D. alongside a variety of dance styles. 


She studied at Dance Texture mentored by Christina Fotinaki and Angeliki Andrinopoulou and holds D.D.E. (Diploma in Dance Education) of I.S.T.D. in Imperial Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Jazz.


Started her performing steps in 2013 by joining the “Kazafy Troupe Greece” and performed with the company for 2 seasons.


From her early carrier she discovered her love for teaching and taught Ballet, Contemporary, Street Dance, Modern and Musical Theatre in Dance Schools and Studios in Athens, Greece including Body & Melody, Dance More, Christina Soumi Dance School and Fusion Dance Studio.


In 2016 following her drive and passion for development she moved to London, United Kingdom where she continued her versatile dance education. She joined the training Academy at Studio 68,  The Runway House and attended courses and workshops at The Place, Pineapple and Base Studio.

During this time she trained with worldwide choreographers and dancers including Gallen Hooks, Kyle Hanagami, Dylan Mayoral, Jojo Gomez, Ricky Jinks, Kendrick Sandy, Pru Wilson, Glenn Hudson, Jasmin Saulo, Zacc Milne, Andile Sotiya, James Finnemore and more.

In 2017 she participated at the contemporary “Intensive” by Alleyne Dance. 


Alongside her training Despina joined the Dance Stables Company in 2016 where she was a lead dance  teacher for all age groups in Nurseries, Primary Schools including P.E., Special Education Needs Schools, College, Academies and Dance Studios. Additionally she was teaching for the Dance Stables Collective at Islington Arts Factory, Yoga Home and Arts Depot. 

Her student solo entrance at Cornwall Dance Festival in 2018 “Greek Lyrical Dance” won the 1st Place. 


She has performed and choreographed pieces for the Collective at The Arts Night, Havering Dance Festival, “Montage” Sadlers Well’s, Lilian Baylis Theatre and the Dance Stables Shows at Jackson’s Lane Theatre and Arts Depot.


After 2 years she became Schools & Academies Manager and was in charge of administration, organising events and performances, ballet syllabus and more.


She continued to pursue professional performance opportunities and has worked in video clips, Theatre productions, TV shows and commercials.



We are proud to embrace Despina in our Dance Texture Exelixis team.

Dance Texture Faculty & Exelixis Team

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Ritsa Daktylidi

Born in 1993 Athens,

Ritsa started dance classes at a young age next to Angeliki Andrinopoulou, Sofia Gkountelia and Christina Fotinaki.

She studied Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre Jazz in Greece and attended the first academic year at K.S.O.T Greek National Dance School. Additionally she has graduated the Kapodistriako University with a BSc in Maths. 

She holds C.B.T.S. (Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies) of Royal Academy of Dance and D.D.E. (Diploma in Dance Education) of I.S.T.D. in Modern Theatre dance. 

With a dedication in learning Ritsa has participated in workshops of Greek and worldwide choreographers such as Angeliki Andrinopoulou, Christina Fotinaki, Marcella Manoliadi, Dimitra Laoudi, Nikki O’ Hara, Atilla Bordas, Paolo Saltilli, Pierre Tavernier, Sofia Gkountelia, Valia Varla, Nikos Kalogerakis, Penny Diamantopoulou, Olia  Tornaritou, Anna Athanasiadi, Anna Zeugolatatou, Barbara Evans and more.


Ritsa has a great passion for dance education. Since 2013 she has taught R.A.D. Classical ballet contemporary, modern jazz dance at dance schools and dance studios in Athens, including Waves Dance Studio, Chorograma, Marie Claire Dance Studio, Sofia Gkoutelia, Gratia Artis, Tetragono, Ellinogermaniki agogi, My playce and the Athen’s Children Ballet by Christina Roka. 


Alongside her teaching career she is working as a professional dancer and performer in Athens up to this day. 

Her unique talent has placed her to work in a number of theatre productions, videoclips, commercials and TV shows. She has also explored her creativity working as an assistant choreographer next to Chirstina Fotinaki in the play “A Christmas Story” directed by Konstantina Nikolaidi.



We are proud to embrace Ritsa in our Dance Texture Exelixis team.

Exelixis Team


Evie Champla

Exelixis Team

Evie is an ISTD qualified modern dance teacher, with educational and pedagogical competence of the University of Ioannina, where she graduated department of Biology.


She completed the academic dance program DanceTexture under the supervision of Angeliki Andrinopoulou and Christina Fotinaki. She got trained on the ISTD Modern Theatre Syllabus and ISTD Imperial Ballet, while at the same time she completed her MSc studies in Molecular Biology at Agricultural University of Athens. Evie continues educating herself, as currently is being studying for the Licentiate exams in modern theatre and the Diploma in Dance education in Imperial Ballet of the ISTD. She is specialised in contemporary dance (release technique, lyrical contemporary) and commercial jazz, as the last five years has attended numerous seminars, intensive trainings and workshops in Greece and abroad (Berlin, Lisbon, Kiev, London).  

The last 7 years has been teaching and giving seminars and workshops in various dance schools in Athens and around Greece in contemporary, commercial and modern jazz, and she prepares students for the ISTD examinations in modern theatre. She has collaborated as dancer and as choreographer with artists of the music industry, has participated and choreographed music videoclips, has worked professionally as movement director and choreographer in theatre, has danced and choreographed in various dance performances

(in dance festivals, in shows, in theatre and music performances). 

We are proud to embrace Evie in our Dance Texture Exelixis Team.

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